60 years of commitment June 19, 1952 – June 19, 2012

60 years of commitment  June 19, 1952 – June 19, 2012

My 60 years with Julia. 
Let me share some of my memories of the last 60 years, all with my best friend, spouse and mother of our children, Julie “Mimi” Jordan. 
Julia’s father, H.A. Lawson, had a retail meat market and did custom butchering in Starke. She was the middle child of a family of five, and grew up playing the piano for a girl’s quartet that sang at social functions and funerals. I was working at the funeral home, so we saw a lot of each other.
 One of the first things that we did together was to make a commitment to Christ at a Park of the Palms revival in Keystone Heights. We later became a couple and had a Thursday afternoon wedding because all the local businesses closed. I was the only Jordan at the wedding until the minister pronounced us husband and wife, then there were two of us.
 Our first child was born 13 months later and we eventually raised a family of four. We moved around for different opportunities, but Julia never complained. At times I would have to leave home early and return late at night, only being able to spend time with Julia and the children on weekends. Julia ran the home and kept everything going, including the discipline of the children. I remember her telling me she was talking with God one day saying, “I’m just too tired to give 12 more spankings today.” I’m sure this was a bit more than they needed because they all became good adults. She also made sure that the children were raised with church attendance as a priority, regardless of where we lived. 
Over the years she has had a medical history you could write a book about. The only comment I’ve heard her say about this was, “I’ll have to give up my organ donor card because I’m almost out of organs.” (But we bought her two, a Hammond and a Wurlitzer)
 The past 60 years have seen a lot of up and down times. We learned that the down times helped strengthen the marriage and prepared us for the next step in our life together. Julia has been a faithful partner through out all those years. 
The most amazing thing about our time together is that while we age, our love has grown stronger. Now, as I look back over those 60 years, I can only thank God for allowing me to share them with the love of my life, Julia “Mimi” Jordan.